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Maggie & Cam

Hi! We’re Maggie (she/her) and Cam (they/them)! We love everything gay, Billie Joel, and we were maximalists before it was cool. Seriously, I feel like there are two types of people who come into our home and either think; “wow! This is awesome!” and those that think; “omg, what is happening here!?” We know that we aren’t for everyone and that’s okay- because at the end of the day our only goal is making sure you have the captured experience that makes your special day the best it could possibly be.

Studio Elevn Elevn started with our love for each other and, of course, photography. Our primary focus is engagement and wedding photography. Our mission is to spread joy and capture your special moments. Maggie has an eye for all things beautiful, and Cam has a degree in Studio Arts to give each photo that special edge. We pride ourselves on quality photographs, enriching experiences, and providing memories that will last a life time. 



               Wishes really do come true!

All About Us

Capturing the moments that matter most.

At Studio Elevn Elevn, we’ll make sure the vision for your special moments are captured with an eye for detail that reflects who you are. We’ve been making moments and celebrating our business since 2010, and can’t wait to help your vision come into perfect focus.

Whether you are looking to have your graduation and senior moments memorialized, celebrating an engagement, body positive celebration or simply needing professional pictures for business or special events we are here to make sure your experience is of the highest quality.

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